Strava Year-To-Date Report

An enhanced overview on your riding stats for the current year
with additional insights you can share with your friends.

This year, I logged

281 rides

It means an average of

23.42 rides per month

Or, if you prefer, it equals

5.3 rides per week

More precisely, it is exactly

0.77 rides per day

In terms of distance, I totalized

17648 kilometers

They can be converted in

10966 miles

But please note that the kilometer
is the only official distance unit for cycling!

It is roughly like riding from




(which is exactly 17228 kilometers as the crow flies)

This is exactly the


of earth's circumference

My average distance this year is

62.8 kms per ride

It translates into an average of

1470.7 kms per month

And obviously it means

333 kms per week

Basically, you can say I'm riding

48.5 kms each day

My total riding time this year is

24 days

1 hour

45 minutes

6 seconds


This is the

9.92% of my life

excluding an average sleep time of 8 hours

My average speed this year is

30.55 km/h

It can be converted in

18.98 mph

Again, you should start to learn
how the metric system works.

Talking about elevation,
this year I climbed exactly

635.2 meters per ride

Or, from another perspective, an average of

14873.3 meters per month

Yeah, it means that I climbed

3367.5 meters per week

All the above is just to say
that I climbed a total of

178480 meters

Approximately, it's like climbing

Mont Blancx37 times

In fact, it is 4810m high
and it's the highest peak in Europe

At about 100000m
I would have passed the

Karman Line

Yeah, it means I reached the space!

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